Video Budget Planning for Next Year

It’s the time of year when the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and marketing and advertising budgets are in the air. Or may have already been submitted so smooth sailing into Q4. Every end of fiscal year (hey there July-June budget cycles at institutes of higher education) we have some conversation about video projects and their estimate costs.

Most of these projects are in the planning stage with a particular goal reaching and audience, or “we might need something” which is how a lot of relationships start and continue.  Typically with ambiguity in the final creative and goals at this stage the budgets we put together have some range to them, or are broken out to budget and timeline scope. While not a full in-depth proposal with creative proposals and milestones firmed up, there’s usually more than the back-of-napkin math in play.

A good deal of discovery can still take place at the “We’re thinking about this” stage, with conversations about clients, goals, approach. And those early discussions sometimes lead to direction changes or expanding on scope and approach. Different clients have different needs in planning and execution, so early involvement isn’t always necessary on the external video production vendor side, but sometimes the feedback can help shape and clarify direction.